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eQuality Pro is the world-renowned online professional development training programme made by Professional Women, to empower Professional Women.

eQuality Pro:

Professional Empowerment Training For Women

It’s time to climb the ladder of career success! In this engaging online training course, we will equip you with all the tools to empower you in your journey to professional development.

Our easy-to-use online system means you can feel the power anywhere, anytime. Tutors are available online and group sessions enable you to connect and share with fellow Warrior Women.

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About this course

Open the app, login in and step up to your professional power. Perhaps you feel in the minority or undervalued at work? Perhaps you're facing career roadblocks or you’ve hit the ‘glass ceiling’? Perhaps you’re being held back by self doubt or a sense of imposter syndrome? Perhaps you're a leader invested in inclusivity. eQuality Pro’s range of tried and tested tools and techniques help you to overcome these obstacles and to plug in to your power.

The Personal Training Packages include:

  • Online courses and learning
  • Tutor and peer support
  • Exclusive online group
  • Live sessions and more

What is eQuality Pro?

Your online business and leadership training package helps you realise your professional ambitions - be they a promotion, a change or direction or setting up your own business.

This Course Comprises:

  • A comprehensive 102-hour programme.
  • Covering 17 sessions
  • Continuous support and inspiration
  • Peer to peer mentoring 
  • Live sessions
  • Online tutor meetings to discuss progress
  • Exclusive access to a social media group where women share their progress and achievements.
  • Discussion of general ‘life issues’
  • Participants find guidance and advice
  • Participants network with other women to create communities and opportunities.
  • Develop the confidence to take your next professional step
  • All you need is an internet connection and a device.

How can eQuality Pro help me?

We help women get started on their professional journey or to take the next step. You may feel lost – eQuality can help you find yourself and chart a course to greater success.


  • Start the career you’ve always wanted
  • Step into your power and land the promotion you deserve
  • Get empowered anywhere, anytime with online guidance on tools and techniques
  • Benefit from the added flexibility and self-paced learning
  • Enjoy the ability to fit your professional development around your busy professional schedule
  • Make your commute more productive by learning online.
  • Experience improved professional prospects
  • Increase your self-motivation
  • Hone your business communication and collaboration skills
  • Refine your critical-thinking skills.
  • Develop new technical skills.
  • Empower other professional women through knowledge sharing

How can eQuality Pro help my business

We help businesses improve their ED&I – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Empowering women in the workplace can make a long-lasting contribution to a business’ success.


  • Increase staff morale
  • A fulfilled workforce is a more efficient and productive workforce
  • Encourage and empower women through inclusion and leadership
  • Drive your business forward with motivated, ambitious and fulfilled staff
  • Impress your customers and the wider public how you put your team first
  • Good ED&I is a top-down initiative – take the lead and uplift your staff.
  • Good ED&I is part of your Corporate Responsibility – so support and uplift staff and feel the business benefits.
  • Put your people ahead of yourself.
  • Empower your business by sharing the far-reaching benefits of diversity and gender-parity in leadership and decision-making.

Pay it forward

Knowledge is our most valuable currency so, everytime you purchase a product from The Women’s Exchange, we’ll provide empowerment tools free-of-charge to less fortunate women.

This means you can support another woman at no extra cost.

  • In our society, women typically do the nurturing, the nursing and the supporting – both each other and men.
  • If women are broken, society is broken.
  • Help heal both at once.
  • When you take the step of committing to yourself, you are also helping a disadvantaged woman to step into her own power.
  • Give the gift of empowerment to yourself and to another woman.


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Professional Training, Professional Results

eQuality Pro is the world-renowned online professional development training programme made by Professional Women, to empower Professional Women. 

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How will eQuality Pro help me?

Discover how to upgrade your skills to become a leader in inclusion. Unlock your inner potential. Land that promotion you’ve always wanted… and deserve. After all, the ladder to success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.

It’s time for you to step up to your power.

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eQuality puts you back on track in life. If you’re not sure what you want to do, this really digs deep to help you find the confidence within yourself.”

Personal Training, Personal Results

eQuality is the world-renowned online personal development training programme made for Women, by Women, to empower Women.


Personal & Professional Development

Encourage personal and professional development for Warrior Women from all walks of life, ages, geographies, ethnicities and gender identities.