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eQuality is the world-leading online personal development training programme made for women, by women, to empower women.


Personal Empowerment Training For Women

It’s time to unlock your inner power! In this engaging online training course, we will equip you with all the tools to empower you in your personal journey to self development. Our easy-to-use online system means you can feel the power anywhere, anytime. Tutors are available online and group sessions enable you to connect and share with fellow Warrior Women.

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About This Course

Realise success, appreciate your achievements and experience greater self-worth with eQuality, the online training course from The Women’s Exchange. Life might have gotten in the way of your hopes, dreams and desires but, rest assured, they are still there. They are who you are. They persist in that little voice that says you want more and, take it from us, you deserve it. eQuality will help you get there through thought-provoking, fun and empowering online learning. Backed by courses and videos, plus tutor and peer support, you’ll emerge with a bag of life tools, techniques and a plan to unlock your potential. Step into your true power and make a difference to yourself, those around you and the wider women’s community.

The personal training package includes:

  • Online courses and learning 
  • Tutor and peer support 
  • Exclusive online group 
  • Live sessions and more

What is eQuality?

The online personal development journey is different for everyone - we guide you through creating your plan, which sets out the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

This Course Comprises:

  • A 10-module course guiding you through your personal journey to self development.
  • Workbook covering a range of topics to empower you in your personal development journey.
  • Continuous support: peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Bonus live sessions to inspire you.
  • Online tutor meetings to discuss progress.
  • Exclusive access to a social media group where women share their achievements and support each other.
  • Guidance and advice, and the ability to network with other women to create opportunities.

What Are The Benefits Of eQuality?

Realise how truly wonderful you are and step into your personal power. The benefits of eQuality include:

  • Variety of online programmes: Gain instant access to a range of industry leading training materials developed to empower you in your personal development.
  • Cost effective: Learning online is cost and time effective. All you need is an internet connection and a device. Avoid the commute or you can make your commutes more productive by learning online.
  • Learn in comfort: The added convenience and flexibility to engage with personal development exercises at a time and a place that is comfortable for you.
  • Self-paced: At The Women’s Exchange, we understand how busy life is. That’s why eQuality has been designed to fit around you. Forget about fixed lesson times or long drives to a classroom. Our virtual system will accommodate all your life needs. Simply log in and log out when you need to benefit from the added flexibility of self-paced study.
  • Expand your network: More interaction with your peers through our eQuality community.
  • Personal advancement: Realise how truly wonderful you are and step into your personal power. Recognise your dreams, strengths and passions. Get in touch with your power and the dreams and ambitions you may have shelved.

Pay It Forward

Knowledge is our most valuable currency so, everytime you purchase a product from The Women’s Exchange, we’ll provide empowerment tools free-of-charge to less fortunate women. 

This means you can support another woman at no extra cost.

  • In our society, women typically do the nurturing, the nursing and the supporting - both each other and men. 
  • If women are broken, society is broken.
  • Help heal both at once.
  • When you take the step of committing to yourself, you are also helping a disadvantaged woman to step into her own power.
  • Give the gift of empowerment to yourself and to another woman.

How to get started


Power in the palm of your hand

Getting started with eQuality is simple. Download our app, login in and the user-friendly guide will walk you through it. You’re clicks away from stepping into your power with a range of tried and tested courses. 

Got a question?

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01472 489 489

Who: ALL Women

Duration: Self-paced

Access: App & browser

Tutor Support: Yes

How will eQuality help me?

  • Get empowered anywhere, anytime with online tools and guidance 
  • Get the confidence to take your next step 
  • Develop a bag of life tools and techniques and develop a life plan.
  • The ability to fit personal development training around your busy schedule 
  • Improve your life prospects 
  • Enjoy increased self-motivation
  • Benefit from improved communication and collaboration skills 
  • Experience a broader, global perspective 
  • Refine your critical-thinking skills
  • Develop new technical skills
  • Step into your power

Like the thousands of women before you, now’s the time to recognise your dreams, strengths and passions.

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eQuality puts you back on track in life. If you’re not sure what you want to do, this really digs deep to help you find the confidence within yourself.”

Personal & Professional Development

Encourage personal and professional development for Warrior Women from all walks of life, ages, geographies, ethnicities and gender identities.


Personal & Professional Development

Encourage personal and professional development for Warrior Women from all walks of life, ages, geographies, ethnicities and gender identities.